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Walkers are Welcome in Whitchurch, Shropshire

Annual Get Together 2023

Over the weekend of 3rd to 5th November, Whitchurch (Shropshire) hosted the Walkers are Welcome (WaW) Annual Get Together (AGT) 2023.
The venue for the Friday evening folk session was always to be The Archibald Worthington Club, but also became the venue for the Saturday events following the closure of The Civic Centre.

The weekend was a success, with delegates from 18 towns attending. We had been hoping for more towns sending delegates to participate in and enjoy the weekend, but alas it was not to be. The main aims of the AGTs is to hold the WaW General Meeting and hear the reports from WaW officers and to provide an opportunity for delegates to network with other towns (to share ideas and issues).

AGT 2023 Display BoardAGT 2023 Launch Event

Despite the low turn-out, over 50 people attended and enjoyed a Friday evening of folk (and other) music to start the weekend, together with a welcome drink provided by one of our sponsors, Pellitec Blister Prevention and a hot pot cooked and served by volunteers from our fantastic walking club.

On the Saturday, following the General Meeting, presentations were held on the subjects of Slow Ways, footpath maintenance and working with local wildlife groups. Delegates were presented with a goody bag advertising Whitchurch as a walking destination. The bags were purchased thanks to the sponsorship of 
Involved Holidays, who also offered a holiday discount to WaW members.

AGT 2023 Gala DinnerAGT 2023 Heritage Walk

The day’s activities were followed by a Gala Dinner at The Hill Valley Hotel, Spa and Golf Course, after which we participated in a beetle drive – a new experience for many there!

On the Sunday, many joined two walks that were offered. One was a tour of Greenfields Local Nature Reserve and led by Malcolm Monie and Paul Sears, volunteers with the Whitchurch Branch of The Shropshire Wildlife Trust. The second walk was led by Janice Leyland, a volunteer with the Whitchurch Heritage Centre and Museum, who gave some insights into the heritage of Whitchurch from Roman times to the present day.

The Whitchurch Walkers committee would also like to thank the following:

The hotpot cooks and servers – Sheila, Therese, Christine & Alan
The speakers – Jan Stevenson, Naomi Wrighton, Matthew Lanham & Malcolm Monie
The staff of The Archibald Worthington Club – Judy, Aaron & Joe
The Hill Valley - Sarah, Jacqueline & Libby
The sponsors - Involved Holidays & Pellitec Blister Prevention
Whitchurch Town Council, Mayor Andy Hall & Town Clerk Mike McDonald
The musicians of the local folk music scene

Overview of Walkers are Welcome

was granted "Walkers are Welcome" status in 2012 and became part of a national network of over 100 small towns and villages. Currently it is the only one in North Shropshire and one of 8 in the county. This means that Whitchurch is doing its bit to make the town and its surrounding footpaths attractive to walkers. The P3 team is contantly helping to maintain and improve the local network of paths. Whitchurch Walkers works with Shropshire and other nearby
councils to try to resolve problems and protect the interests of walkers which may be affected by development. Visitors are greeted by welcome boards at the railway station and the town centre car park on the Sandstone Trail and Shropshire Way. There is also a dedicated noticeboard in the town centre which includes a map of the local footpath network.

Since 2013, an annual walking festival has been held over three days in May which has attracted about 200 participants annually and helped to increase membership of local walking groups. Whitchurch Town Council has supported the festival and has taken on the payment of the town's Walkers are Welcome Towns Network subscription. Many local businesses have supported the festival and Walkers are Welcome generally, in various ways including the display of "Walkers are Welcome here" stickers [see below].

Places to eat, drink, or sleep*
 Retailers, services etc
Book Shrop
The Black Bear, High Street
High Street Barbers
The White Lion, Ash
Beauty Clinic, Watergate/Bullring
Chesters Fish & Chips, Green End Civic Centre, High Street
Walkers, High Street,
Archibald Worthington Club, Castle Hill
The Red Cow, Pepper Street
Age of Elegance, High Street
Reubens Bar & BBQ, Pepper Street*
Refill your Boots, High Street
Costa, High Street
Wagstaffes of  Whitchurch , Watergate
Old Town Hall Vaults, St Mary's /Back Street
Whitchurch Museum & Archives, St Mary Street
Whixall Marina, Cafe Fat Cats & Flowers, Green End
Moo and Boom, Green End
Pets 2000, White Lion Meadow

Powells Pies, Watergate Arcade

Lorna's House, High Street

Hopscotch & Skittles, High Street

Raven Yard Antiques , Watergate

Local businesses - please contact us if
  • you are displaying a "Walkers are Welcome here" sticker but are not listed here
  • you would like a sticker and be added to the list

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